Machines with Magnets offers professional mastering using a combination of analog and digital processing. We provide this service at an affordable rate without compromising quality. Mastering is an important final step to any recording. We have experience in creating great sounding masters that are competitive in volume, dynamics and fidelity.


The Body / Thou – Released From Love (Vinyl Rites, 2014)
Ed Schrader’s Music Beat – Party Jail (Infinity Cat, 2014)
Hallelujah the Hills – Have You Ever Done Something Evil? (Discrete Pageantry, 2014)
Roz Raskin & the Rice Cakes – Need to Feed (Team Love, 2014)
Smith & Weeden – S/T (Self Released, 2014)
Haunt the House – Jack Rabbit Hones (Self Released, 2014)
The Body – Master, We Perish (At A Loss Recordings, 2013)
Whore Paint – This Body (Load Records, 2013)
Braveyoung – Will the Dusty Praise You (Self Released, 2013)
Ho-Ag – World Destroying Zig-zags (Self Released, 2013)
Plok – Infolympics (Target Distribution, 2013)
LayerZ – Memory Towers (Self Released, 2013)
Fang Island – Major (Sargent House, 2012)
Fang Island – S/T (Sargent House, 2010)
The Body & Braveyoung – Nothing Passes (At A Loss Recordings, 2011)
The Body – All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood (At A Loss Recordings, 2010)
Brown Bird – Salt for Salt (Supply & Demand, 2011)
Omnivore – S/T (Feeding Tube, 2012)
Verse – Bitter Clarity, Uncommon Grace (Bridge 9, 2012)
Soul Control – Bore Core EP (Bridge 9, 2012)
Yellow Dogs – Upper Class Complexity (Neverhead Inc., 2012)
Yellow Dogs – In the Kennel (Neverhead Inc., 2010)
What Cheer Brigade – We Blow, You Suck (Anchor Brain, 2010)
Big Digits – Know Tomorrow (Anchor Brain, 2011)
Doomsday Student – A Jumper’s Handbook (Anchor Brain, 2011)
Whore Paint – Menarchy (Anchor Brain, 2012)
Six Finger Satellite – A Good Year for Hardness (Anchor Brain, 2009)
The Chinese Stars – Heaven on Speed Dial (Anchor Brain, 2009)



Analog Compression/Limiting
Alan Smart C2
Chandler TG1
Pendulum PL-2

Analog Equalization
GML 8200
Manley Massive Passive

Analog Summing
API 8200
Dangerous Music S+M

Pro Tools HD3
Sony Oxford Bundle
Waves Platinum Bundle