The gallery is a 2000 sq. ft. multipurpose space that is easily integrated into recording sessions and can accommodate large ensembles. The space is available for rent for live performances and art exhibitions and is zoned tax-exempt on the sale of original artwork. Machines with Magnets sells classic cocktails, beer, and wine at all events. The space is fitted with a Yorkville Elite EX2 system (consisting of a 1200-watt 1×18 subwoofer and dual 450-watt 1×12 full range speaker enclosures), dual Yorkville 100KW powered monitors, a Soundcraft GB2R 16/2 mixing console, outboard time-based effect processing, Shure SM57/SM58s, Sennheiser e602, Audix drum miking kit, and DIs by Radial and Groove Tube. 16 lines connect the stage to mix position while 32 lines connect the venue to the recording studio. The space is currently curated by Marcel McVay. MWM’s thirteen foot walls are perfect for accommodating large format pieces. Please forward any inquiries to Marcel.

The Studio