Event Booking

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The MWM Gallery is a cooperatively run art and performance space that is located in the Arts + Entertainment District of Downtown Pawtucket, RI and is zoned tax-exempt on the sale of original artwork.


The gallery is comprised of two unique spaces which can be rented individually or together on a weekly or monthly basis. Rental fees are determined based on your specific needs. Proposals are reviewed and accepted based on general availability. You should submit your application at least 2 months in advance for booking. A deposit of $150 is due at time of booking and will be refunded after successful de-installation of your show. The full rental amount is due 1 week prior to your show. Extra repairs caused by damage to the space will come out of your deposit. Checks should be made payable to Gallery Events, LLC.


Gallery A = Approx. 1200 sq. ft
Gallery B = Approx. 800 sq. ft
Reception / Bar area
13’ high ceilings w/ track lighting
Yorkville Elite EX2 sound system (consisting of a 1200-watt 1×18 subwoofer and dual 450-watt 1×12 full range speaker enclosures)
Yorkville 100KW powered monitors (2)
Soundcraft GB2R 16/2 mixing console
Outboard time-based effect processing
Microphones (Shure SM57/SM58s, Sennheiser e602, Audix drum miking kit)
DIs (by Radial and Groove Tube)
Updated Fire Alarm and Sprinkler system
Security Alarm
Free Wi-Fi
Ground level and wheelchair accessible
Free public parking in the rear of the building
Convenient access from RT 95 (exit 27) and close to the East side of Providence
Tax exemption on the sale of artwork
Event based (Class T) Liquor License


This is a DIY space and you are responsible for setting and sitting your own gallery hours. We recommend offering hours by appointment only.


The gallery manages a bar during events in order to support the space, we are never BYOB.


You are responsible for making, distributing, and paying for all promotional materials for your show. It’s generally a good idea to supply MWM with materials to help promote your show. We’ll list the show on our website and connected social media outlets.


You must install and de-install your show and leave it in the condition you found it. You must supply your own hanging materials and tools. You may not make any modifications to the gallery without prior consent and approval. You cannot drill anything into the floor or the ceiling.


The gallery does not provide insurance coverage for your property and is not responsible for theft or damage. You are responsible for purchasing additional insurance coverage for your show if you so choose.