Ami Dang/Blue Shift/Viva Mujica 7/11


Ami Dang

Holy mother of all things. Is the rest of the world as excited about this show as we are? If flipping out like a crazed teenager and wearing a band’s shirt to their own show even though it’s a show that you booked is wrong, I don’t want to be right. MWW is beyond stoked to welcome Baltimore sitar shredder Ami Dang to our stage, er, stage area. As if that weren’t enough, this show will be rounded out by the rare and mellifluous stylings of Blue Shift aka Cybele Collins, as well as new and to-be-short-lived Providence supergroup Viva Mujica, featuring ridiculously awesome shredder Padi Fuster of Over and James “Frankie J” “Foot Organ Wizard” Falzone of Vio/Mire. This is how we do it.

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