Peals//Small Sur//Glam Shot (Reba+Reber)//If We Shout Loud Enough (Double Dagger documentary screening) 6/19


HOO AH! Are you guys ready for this business?! Like a champagne cocktail, so chill and yet so fizzy. Get into it with our good friends Peals, who graced our venue only a few short months ago. Double guitars, lights out, immersive times. William of Future Islands‘ project… best dude, best jams. End of story. OR IS THE STORY JUST BEGINNING? Small Sur: mellifluous grooves, folk style, driving around weeping, universal truths. Members of both of these bands were in much beloved Double Dagger, Baltimore MD typography/graphic design hardcore with a serious cult following. Thank the lord, they have been immortalized in the recent documentary If We Shout Loud Enough, which we will screen at 8pm before the show. BOP! But what of a local? Thank all things, supergroup (as far as they are concerned) Glam Shot, aka Reba+Reber, combine their love of pop jams at 1/8 speed via some looper pedals (only the catchy parts) yada yada yada. They’re professionals…. what could go wrong??

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