PRP Presents: The Eyesores – November 4th, 2011

The People’s Recording Project is a music series and funding platform hosted by the Machines With Magnets recording studio and performance space. It is designed to help musicians supplement the cost of record production through live performances and fan funding.

Our goals are to provide musicians high quality recording, facilitate independent releases and to help make record production more financially viable for musicians and record labels alike.

Through live performances, The People’s Recording Project aims to create a forum in which members of the community can contribute directly to the musicians of their choice. Each event helps to raise money for a specific recording project and establishes a starting point for further funding through other platforms. In exchange, fans are given access to live recordings of the performances they attend as well as access to an ever growing library of live recordings from Machines With Magnets.

This music series will not only allow fans to directly support the music they love, but will help to document the unique performances hosted by Machines With Magnets.

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