Psychic Paramount II

Out now, the sophomore release from the Psychic Paramount:

Review from NY TIMES By BEN RATLIFF Published: February 18, 2011

“…This is instrumental power-trio prog-rock for those who never had time for Rush and find the Mars Volta a bridge to nowhere; it’s greasy and physical and incredibly loud. This New York band’s new album, on No Quarter, feels like constant minimalist crescendo and tension building…”

Review from Dusted Feb. 21, 2011 By Mason Jones

“…From the outset, the sudden blast of frenetic drumming, dense bass and flurries of guitar notes is like waking up in the middle of a cyclone. The rhythmic interplay between the three instruments is the key to this band’s magic; as the beat twists and turns, everyone finds the right place to veer then return, maintaining momentum and building up energy, of which they have plenty to burn. Conaway and Armstrong are essential as the gears on which everything turns, as St. Ivany’s guitar flows around them, here cascading like a tidal wave, there floating in mimicry of a keyboard…. “


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